Notre équipe/our team

Small, yet mighty!

Depuis le début de la clinique @PointeVet, nous avons développé notre équipe de techniciens d'une des équipes les plus talentueuses. Ils sont patients, dévoués et responsables de la plupart des tâches difficiles jour après jour. Ils travaillent si fort pour faire une différence dans la vie des animaux que nous servons.

Since starting @PointeVet clinic we have grown our team of support staff and technicians into one of the most talented teams around. They are patient, dedicated, and responsible for most of the tough jobs day in and day. They work so hard to make a difference in the lives of the animals we serve.



Animal Health Technician

Cari has more than 10 years of experience working with animals. She has worked at different clinics in Montreal quickly working her way to head technician. Cari has a special interest in surgery and extensive experience with anesthesia. For many years she worked training other technicians in surgical nursing. Cari joined the CVPSC to take on a more senior role managing the daily patient care at the hospital focusing on all aspects of animal care, client education, and of course nursing for surgery and anesthesia. Cari lives with her longtime partner, Marc, and their four cats: George, Min Bin, Phoenix, and Ruby (their newest addition straight from the street of the Pointe!) 



Office Manager

Hannah is our office manager and has had a soft spot for animals her whole life. As a teenager, she was hired at a veterinary clinic as a kennel attendant, trained as a technician assistant, and over the last 10 years has moved up the ranks into management. Her first clinic job led her to working with Eleven Eleven Animal Rescue as their events coordinator, where she fundraised for the medical bills and rehoming of over 600 abandoned animals between 2009 - 2014. During this time, she became a strong advocate for animal rights issues including population control, anti-BSL, pro-adoption, and welfare education. She is a registered emergency responder for Red Rover and has worked with the Montreal SPCA Emergency shelter assisting in triage and assessment of hundreds of dogs and cats seized from hoarding situations and mills. She is a proud mum of two pugs, a three-legged cat, and a geriatric lovebird. Her personal heroes include Lisa Simpson and Dr. Ellie Sattler.






Kristina will greet you when you first arrive. She is most often up front or the one answering all your calls. She is a veterinary technician first and foremost and so we are so lucky to have her up front. You can be assured that your questions are being answered by an expert. She has loved animals her whole life. She graduated from Montreal's Vanier College and has been working in small animal practice for 5 years now. She has worked at different clinics in Montreal before joining the CVPSC to take the position running the front of house. Few clinics have an experienced technician available up front. Kristina is an avid cyclist and has a cat named Gunther who is a handsome devil.